Rainbow Blast (Women)

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The field of unicornology is an evolving science. Unicornologists are frequently turning up interesting new information about unicorn biology. For example, we have long been aware that unicorns expel rainbows from the rear, but we only recently found out why. It’s a byproduct of the unicorn’s diet, which is primarily comprised of negative emotions like fear, worry, and anxiety. A magical process goes on inside the unicorn’s gut, which, when it’s finished, results in a massive rainbow blast. Incredible, huh? We even learned that the more negativity the uniform consumes, the more powerful the blast will be. There’s still lots to learn about unicorns, but these Rainbow Blast Crew Socks give you a scientifically-accurate depiction of what’s going on.

Women's Size (36-43)

Men's Free Size 42-45