About Us

A couple with a Vision

A Jordanian couple, Raya and Yousef, with a vision of adding coolness and color to the streets! And how better to do so than through funky socks?


The word used to describe the plural of ‘Socks’ in street Arabic, could not be a more perfect fit to reach everyone all around!

Through Socksat, we aim to replace the boring essential commodity with cool design pieces that give everyone the opportunity to express and identify themselves through our wide collection of funky socks.

For everyone!

Since its launching in 2018, Socksat’s mission is to add coolness and warmth to everyone’s feet! Shouting out to introverts, extroverts, the young and the old; express yourselves, stay cool, warm and happy!


We’re home to a wide array of local and global brands to ensure giving you the opportunity of shopping a wide variety of cool funky socks under one umbrella and thus, being the only one-stop-shop you need for the coolest socks!