What's Fashion Without A Pair Of Socks?

What's Fashion Without A Pair Of Socks?

Posted by Raya J. on 14th Dec 2021

What's Fashion Without A Pair Of Socks?

Fashion is a language, and your dressing makes the statement. Your dress has a voice, and it speaks on your behalf, even without your permission. One of the latest fashion statements today is wearing a pair of funky socks. It's something everyone now rocks, intending to speak something different fashion-wise.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. This time, it is history that forms the concepts of our knowledge. Wearing socks isn't a new concept. It originated as early as the 8th century BC in Ancient Greece. They were called piloi, perhaps because they were made from matted animal hair. It was common to see the Romans back then wrapping animal skin around their legs to be tied to their ankles.

For ancient Rome and Europe, socks came into existence in the 5th century AD. They were called udones in ancient Roman. The socks were also said to be softer than that of ancient Greece. For Europe, the socks called puttees were worn by only holy people. It was similar to a bandage and was used to symbolize purity.

The True Purpose of Socks

The initial intention of making socks was to keep people's feet warm. The story changed when the materials used to make socks changed. At some point, socks became a symbol of nobility and wealth.

The primary purpose of inventing socks was to protect people's feet aside from keeping their feet warm. For peasants who work outside, they needed covering for their feet from snow and rain. Since indoor heating wasn't in vogue then, socks were the only material to keep the feet warm.

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A Pair of Cool Socks as a Fashion Statement

Another dramatic turn of events took place in the middle ages. Socks became a fashion statement. People began to wear socks not just for the primary purpose of protection and warmth. This was when socks began to be made of fabrics in different colors and lengths (higher than the ankle).

At some point, the pants people wear got shorter, so socks got longer. That was the path fashion took. It was common to see socks covering as high as a person's knees.

Today, dressing in cool socks is still in vogue. It is a way to complement your dress. Your fashion statement may be incomplete and sound gibberish to onlookers without it. Your wardrobe isn't complete without funky cool socks in them. You wouldn't herald an interesting fashion statement if you don't have a pair of funky socks.

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Self Expression With A Pair of Novelty Socks

Socks are a means to express yourself. Since socks now come in various designs and colors, you can tweak them to any style you want. Your fashion statement can be so unique that it keeps people's eyes glued on you everywhere you go. As long as your pants are a bit elevated to reveal your carefully selected pair of graphic socks. Whether it's novelty, graphic, or funky socks, your goal is to speak a language called Fashion.

You could rock stripes or polka-dots. In the fashion world, you have the liberty to choose the type and style of socks you want to wear. There is a wide-open window of opportunity to select what suits your style and preference. There is no mistake in fashion. With novelty socks you make your fashion statement your brand.

Ever tried cool socks and sandals? That's a perfect way to stay fashionable on a summer night. Combat the cold and dress in vogue.

Females now wear funky socks and heels. Suppose you've been looking for a fashion-forward style to copy. You need to try that combo.

How about graphic socks and sneakers? This is perhaps one of the most fantastic fashion statements: you wear a denim jacket and trousers with multicolored socks in a sweet pair of sneakers.

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Socks Rules You Shouldn't Break

In a bid to look fashionable in your cool socks, feel free to express yourself. However, you shouldn't break the socks rule. Yes, there are socks rules. See some of them below.

  • Don't wear socks with holes
  • Sport or gym socks remain for that purpose
  • Avoid patterned socks on pattern clothing
  • Socks and shoes should never match
  • Combine the right colors

Be free to try out your own socks outfit ideas and present beautiful fashion statements. Whether it's summer, winter, or spring, there's a pair of socks for every season and occasion. You have to be bold about your selection and confidently rock your style.

It's time to liven up your look. Make bold fashion statements, complement your dressing with some funky socks. The good thing? You don't have to break the bank doing this.

We know you like cool socks and want to up your fashion game. Perhaps you've gotten low-quality and less durable socks from a particular socks company. Don't be discouraged. It's high time you gave us a try. We at socksat have that pair of funky socks you've been looking for. This is the best time to up your fashion game with our durable and fashionable socks.