10 Funky Socks Wearing Ideas

10 Funky Socks Wearing Ideas

Posted by Yousef H. on 19th Dec 2021

10 Funky Socks Wearing Ideas

Fashion is a language in the contemporary world. Numerous fashion statements can be spoken. To stay in Vogue with fashion, you need to make the correct fashion statements.

When taking a new turn in the world of fashion, it is better to start with a bit of detail. Starting with funky socks isn't a bad idea. You will add life to your original dressing routine without being too loud or breaking the bank.

Funky socks are usually beautiful but can be demeaning If not correctly combined. It is vital to carefully combine socks' colors, texture, length, and design with your dress. There are socks for every occasion. If you wear the same cool socks to the gym and work that's not funky, you can do better.

Take a look at these funky socks-wearing ideas we have highlighted for you. Get ready to liven up your socks-wearing game in the fashion world.

1.Shine like a Pop Star

You could wear socks that depict a sense of sweetness and toughness. It's your language, and you can speak it the way you like. We have those crazy funky socks with a pop-like colorful design made especially for you. Pick one and rock it with matching pants and Tee. 

You could try out our "Pow!" Socks, you'll love it.

2.Go Contrasting

Contrast is a fashion language. When you wear contrasting colorful socks, you say something to the onlookers. You could say something that reveals a blend of business and fun in your dressing. It's your style; it's your fashion statement. 

Go ahead to speak with all boldness. When we say go contrasting, it's like wearing a pair of colorful socks on loafers. 

That's party above, business below. 

You could try out our Retro TV socks. You can never go wrong with this blend.

3.Be Unique

Fashion statements don't have a rigid formula. So, you can weave your design and carve out your statements. It's called style. You are unique and this means choosing your style. 

Even though you shouldn't break fundamental rules, you can walk along the boundaries permitted by fashion to select your kind of funky socks combinations. It's time to try out that funky socks idea that has recently popped up in your mind. If you don't have an idea, here's one. 

Ever tried matching or contrasting socks and dress outfits on heels? 

If that's a no, you are missing out. 

We have our famous Camel Socks, you could start with that.

4.Rock Sneaker With Socks

Some people consider it boring, but sneakers socks are so fundamentally exciting to wear. Perhaps you just got a pair of sneakers, don't wear them without a pair of matching funky socks. You could try out our ribbed socks or those with funky stripes. 

Have you seen our Polar Bear Socks

You should try that with your new white sneakers. Your sneaker has a voice; let your socks augment it.

5.Colorful Socks With Suits

Wearing colorful socks with a dark-colored suit can never go wrong. The next time you want to rock your deep blue or black suit, maroon-colored socks would be a good fit. Your aim should be to liven up the subtle tone of your suit. If it's a striped or patterned suit you want to wear, then make sure the color of your socks matches at least one of the colors of the stripes. You could also check your shirt with your socks. It's fashion, and it's your style, but matching colors is fundamental!

Have you seen our Donut Socks? Try it.

6.Classic Prints On Plain Clothing

The tides have turned, and classic prints are back in the fashion space. You can now rock funky socks with African prints on a plain suit. Socks with classic prints also go well with khaki pants. It's all about blending patterns with plain in the confines of permissible color combinations. 

Check out Sikasok Khayamiya socks, they're a perfect classic print socks for you.

7.Contrast King Style

The world of fashion is vast. Big enough to contain you and your unique style. Yellow-colored socks are the new trend. You can rock it with brown, rusty, or blue-colored clothing. It's time to put a contrast on your outfit. A touch of yellow or lemon does the job. Give this a trial and see how necks would turn in your direction. Do you want to look like a bumblebee? 

Rock a pair of yellow or lemon-colored socks on dark-colored clothing and polished oxford shoes. That's a contrast, king. 

Try out our Yellow Dogs Socks

8.Patterned Socks And Boat Shoes

The next time you want to rock your denim with boat shoes, don't leave out patterned socks. You cannot go wrong with patterned socks on boat shoes. It is a simple fashion statement. Perhaps, it's straight cotton pants you chose from your wardrobe, rock it with patterned socks and your favorite boat shoes.

You could also try multi-colored socks like out Sikasok Cards or Sikasok Backgammon Socks with your boat shoes.

9.Roll-pants Style

Have you ever rocked a white shirt over a brown suit and pants? The best socks to go with that combo would be a bright-colored one. You could choose maroon socks while blending them with the same tie and pocket square color. Try this combo and see the magnetic effect. 

Eyes would be glued to you. If it's a blue suit and pants, perhaps with a sky blue shirt. 

Purple socks aren't out of place here. The cool thing about this style is you have to roll up your pants to reveal your socks stylishly. Make sure your shoes are top-notch. Brogues, Oxford, or monk strap speaks a sweet fashion statement. And with your funky socks? You have the day! 

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10.Don't Go Funky Here

There are some gatherings where you can't wear funky socks. It may not be categorically stated as a requirement, but it is only wise to go cool with your outfit. 

You may choose cool colors for your dress/pants, but your socks must not be funky. 

Such places are funerals, business meetings, etc., where you can only wear socks that match your pants. Something cool and not funky. 

So funky socks aren't for all occasions. You should work with this understanding to avoid being embarrassed in places where you drew unnecessary attention to yourself with your colorful funky socks. 

You could use our Multi Color Striped Socks, it's plain enough for quite gatherings.

Regardless of the style you choose, have these tips in mind.

● Colorful socks can't go everywhere, for some type of audiences, you can't wear funky socks for business meetings, know your crowd before choosing your pair of cool socks.

● Carefully combine your graphic socks. You could make sure they match with a shirt or bag. That way, you would make a complete fashion statement. A blend that we can style.

● Spice up your plain outfit with colorful patterned socks. Make that boring outfit funky to behold by wearing a pair of bright socks. It's like icing on a cake.

● Your outfit for a themed party isn't complete without a pair of funky colorful cool socks.

● Colorful socks are a perfect fit for all Christmas and holiday season outfits. Add a touch of gold to your outfit.

Now that you have the funky socks wearing ideas at your fingertips, what's next? Go shopping for the best funky socks out there. Regardless of the type you want to rock, we have the perfect colorful socks for you. If it's funky socks you need, Socksat is the one-stop place to get them.